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Emojis replacing text – what is next?

Google’s personal assistant will soon make your doctor’s, hairdresser’s or advisor’s appointments. Holograms will replace receptionists and hosts. Instead of typing, we will control our devices using voice or motion. How will these new behaviours and trends impact marketing?

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Better way to do prize games

Orbit Prize game project was held across 5 countries and contained 5 separate services to provide high quality user experience to over 170.000 participants.

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Rule the field with your football ads

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is under way. This huge, quadrennial competition draws advertisers from all over, battling to reach potential customers in a number of creative ways. Take a look at some of them, and see how ClickAttack can enter the game and benefit you!

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Vote with Chatbot – choose your channel

Up until now the most common voting channel has been SMS. Now there’s a better option – chatbot. With only one-time setup cost, messages exchanged between the brand and end user are not charged, and one chatbot can be active for months.

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