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Vote with Chatbot – choose your channel

Up until now the most common voting channel has been SMS. Now there’s a better option – chatbot. With only one-time setup cost, messages exchanged between the brand and end user are not charged, and one chatbot can be active for months.

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First Food Order Chatbot in the Region –

Imagine – you’re chatting with a friend on Viber or Messenger and suddenly you feel hungry? Here’s an idea – why don’t you order your food directly from the chat app?

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Hot from the oven: Five new Chrome-safe banner formats by ClickAttack

What we are actually talking about are five new Chrome safe mobile banner ad formats, which we are going to explain one by one in the following text supported by demo videos.

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What happened when we used a Chatbot as a conference virtual host?

What happens when you use a chatbot instead of a mobile app for conference navigation? Here’s what happened when we created Damotron, a virtual host for DAMconf 2017.

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