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Use data, not guesswork to execute effective marketing campaigns!

ClickAttack’s Annual Report delivers information about mobile trends and mobile user behaviour in SEE in 2016 so that brands, marketing agencies, publishers, mobile developers and any other interested party has the data needed to determine how to plan and execute a mobile campaign that brings results.

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Tilt Banner – New Mobile Advertising Format From ClickAttack!

Thanks to continuous advancement of the mobile technologies, there are new opportunities for interaction with customers in mobile advertising. Interactive mobile advertising is not something new and our experience shows that interactive HTML5 mobile banners are more effective and engaging to customers.

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Click Fraud: Coming Soon to an Advertiser Near You

Let’s say you run a bike tour company who’s just hired Google to place ads on relevant mobile websites, as determined by keywords. One of the sites that your ad appears on appears to be a flight search aggregator.

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Don’t get fooled! Six Lies about Mobile Marketing You Should Be Aware Of

Let’s take a look at a list of most common beliefs that can be classified as lies regarding marketing on mobile devices and clear the things up.

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