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Successful mobile marketing campaigns start with a great ad. Our creative team with 10+ years of experience can transform any request into an engaging creative or improve the content you already have. Wow your audience and boost your revenue – we know how.

Our creative team does wonders

But don’t take our word for it – see it for yourself:


CTR 15.66%

Using a simulated conversation with emojis, we conveyed the message that anyone can use Vegeta to make meals taste better. Because of its success in Croatia, the campaign was adapted for other regional markets.

Nescafe Frappé

CTR 9.05%

The goal of the campaign was to connect digital ads with physical locations using coupons. To simulate the way Frappé is made in real life, the ad used shake interaction.

Emmezeta Advent

CTR 22.79%

Mobile ads can be fun and relevant. Just like this dancing reindeer that brought news about daily Advent offers and prizes in a major home décor store.


CTR 1.31%

Sometimes more is less. This minimalistic creative used just the right visual elements to drive the female audience in Serbia to engagement. 25.19% of them tapped the makeup box to discover what it was hiding.


CTR 2.22%

We choose our colors based on what we feel or want to feel. The campaign Maybelline New York Color Sensational in Serbia used this phenomenon in order to drive the engagement with the ad. Interestingly, the first choice of mobile users was “Fun”, while the second choice was “Sexy”.

Podravka Tea

CTR 30.62%

Podravka’s goal with this campaign was to introduce new flavors of tea and raise awareness about already available flavors. Users could interact with their smartphone by tilting a tea pot to the side so as to pour hot water into a teacup. As many as 30 % of mobile users interacted with the banner by tilting their phone!

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Tell us about your brand and campaign goals, and let our creative team do the rest. We don't believe in recycling – we prefer brainstorming until we find the right idea for each client.



We're not satisfied until we design the creative that speaks the language of your target audience and easily captures their attention. This includes choosing the right ad format and combining it with a unique design.



Our creatives are more than just pretty pictures – we adjust each creative to its target audience to encourage interaction. Shake, scratch, spin – use mobile device to entertain and engage.



After your creative has been brought to perfection, it's time to get your campaign rolling! Let our advanced ad server do its magic while you relax and watch your CTR grow.

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