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Programmatic selling? It means selling more, faster

On 19th August 2018

Having trouble finding advertisers? Selling your impressions under price? Stuck with a bunch of unsold inventory, or worse, not even aware that it’s unsold? Use programmatic selling – it means taking control, selling more, AND for more money!


What is programmatic anyway?

Oh, it’s just the future of advertising, right at your doorstep… It’s a faster, cheaper and more precise way of buying and selling online ads.


Well, it combines technology, data and the free market to make publishers, advertisers and users happy! It involves automated buying and selling of impressions, which happens between different platforms in real-time.

If you’re a publisher, you probably wonder – how exactly do I benefit from programmatic selling?

Allow us to offer several answers:

By using a software called Supply-Side Platform, or SSP in short, publishers get access to more demand for their ad spaces. As you know, more demand means more competition, and more competition means selling for a higher price… Sounds tempting, right?

An SSP is connected to a wide range of ad exchanges and ad networks, as well as lots of advertisers’ DSPs, or Demand-Side Platforms. Both of these platforms operate automatically, negotiating and competing for prices on a digital marketplace.


A world of new buyers is out there

With an SSP, publishers can offer impressions to a large pool of potential buyers at the same time. By accessing many ad exchanges and ad networks, you can increase your visibility and reach a huge amount of new demand, which you might not have even known of before.

We should also add that the whole process is by no means slow – programmatic buying and selling happens in less than a second!

You must have noticed that your best ad positions sell first, while others remain empty, leaving gaping holes in your inventory.

Also, as you probably know, going from one advertiser to the other and negotiating for the price of each impression takes a whole lot of money and time.


But, thanks to programmatic selling…

…the price of each impression grows, and through automated real-time bidding, the highest bid wins! This means that you can easily maximize the value of each impression, with less cost.

In addition, not only does it make the whole process of negotiating easier, an SSP helps you discover more advertisers and offer your previously unsold inventory to them, which leads to a higher fill rate. In reality, that’s just a longer way of saying: more profit for you!

An SSP gives you complete control over management and sales of your ad inventory – from setting the minimum price of a single impression, to the selection of preferred buyers. Nothing can, and must not be sold under value. Not on SSP’s watch!

With transparent reporting, you can easily get a complete insight into the buying and bidding process. Customize your reports and use them to identify new opportunities, discover trends and adjust prices in real-time.


Recapping the benefits

OK, so what have we learned today? Using an SSP, you can:

  • Access more demand
  • Sell what’s left unsold
  • Get complete control over your inventory

And all of this means…

It’s faster, cheaper and reaps more profit!

So, to do programmatic selling right, you will need a quality SSP. Luckily, ClickAttack partners get exclusive access to the highly-praised AdCumulus Supply-Side Platform. Its simple, intuitive interface has everything you need in order to elevate your business to the next level.

Are you still dreaming of achieving more visibility, finding more demand and maximizing your fill rate?

Well don’t just sit there, contact us today and start your own programmatic journey!

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