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3 Effective Ways How to Use Viber For Business

On 29th May 2019

In case you haven’t heard, Viber is one of those widely popular messaging apps everybody’s using nowadays, with over a billion unique users worldwide.

Today, we’ll show you a few examples of how using Viber for business can help you:

  1. Cut messaging costs,
  2. Grow your audience,
  3. Improve conversion rates.

How (and why) your business could benefit from Viber

OK, you might be asking yourself: “Why in the world would I want a Viber profile of my brand? I want to make money, not chat about the weather.”

But the thing is…

Viber enables businesses to reach users and customers directly, where they already are, every day – texting on their mobile phones.

Joining the conversation on Viber is the most personal way of communicating your message to your audience, which makes it the most effective.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at three use cases:

1. Viber Business Messages

One of Viber’s advantages lies in its abundance of options – you can send up to 1000 characters, as well as include pictures, voice and video.

We can help you run your own rich messaging campaigns with Viber Business Messages.

Viber business messages with SMS fallback

An illustration of how your messages could look like to the end user.

So, how are these messages beneficial?

Firstly, people are more likely to engage with a message from a contact they know and trust.

With Viber Business Messages, you can put your company’s logo on your Viber profile, craft a nice, compelling message and include a call-to-action button at the bottom. The button can lead people directly to your website, or initiate a call right away!

Using Viber as your messaging channel, you can not only see that messages were successfully delivered, you can also find out who has seen it and who clicked on the call-to-action button.

This gives you the most accurate insights about how your message resonated with your audience, and what you should do to improve it.

You can achieve a near 100% delivery rate with this scenario: even those contacts who didn’t receive the message in Viber (e.g. connection problems, or they don’t have the app installed) will get it shortened as an SMS.

It’s important to know that you only pay when the message is delivered in Viber, not when it’s sent. You can also send highly efficient targeted messages to users of your choosing.

2. Customized sticker packs

It’s an undisputable fact that people like having fun while texting. That’s what emoticons, GIFs and stickers are for.

With our help, you can create your own sticker packs in Viber, which can be used by all Viber users – wherever they are.

Take a look at this delicious sticker pack we made for the famous Mrkva restaurant in Sarajevo:Examples of customized Viber stickers made by ClickAttack

Fun, branded stickers don’t even need additional advertising, they ARE your advertising.

Think about it like this: everybody who shares your stickers will in fact become an ambassador of your brand, thus spreading the word about what you do. Kind of like word-of-mouth actually, but through Viber.

Also, those who send your stickers automatically become members of your contact lists and followers of public chats in Viber. This means you can grow a larger audience to which you can then send your new offers, premium deals and more.

By sending stickers people can also automatically subscribe to your chatbots. That leads us to the third case.

3. Chatbots

These are basically computer programs that instantly interact with users, in this case through the Viber app.

For example, if you sell and deliver food, customers can access your menu and order their food using the chatbot, without opening a single web page or dialing a number.

Yes, you read that right – ordering food using chat.

Feast your eyes on this tasty chatbot our team had made for a famous restaurant in Sarajevo:

Not only that, you can give users the option of voting in chatbots, on multiple platforms. For end users, this eliminates the cost of sending an SMS, allowing more of them to participate in the voting process.

Would you agree that increasing engagement while saving users’ money is a benefit?

OK, consider that a rhetorical question.

You can provide customer support through Viber too, by chatting with users directly, answering their questions and solving their problems instantly.

Not even the sky is the limit for our chatty robot friends. Take a look at this case, where we combined a Viber chatbot with SMS for a prize game run in 5 countries:

There are a whole lot of other cases you can use chatbots for. Sales, product recommendations, reservations and appointments, advertising campaigns… We even used them as our own conference hosts!

To sum up – why you need to use Viber for business

Still not convinced how Viber can benefit you?

Let’s go over it briefly once again:

  • Viber lets you send messages with up to a 1000 characters, including images and a call-to-action button
  • It’s the cheapest channel, when you consider the cost per message
  • You only pay for delivered messages, with the SMS fallback option ensuring everybody receives them
  • Viber chatbots can handle your in-app orders, voting, prize games, customer service… you name it
  • Customized stickers can promote your brand and engage users at the same time

Not a fan of paperwork? Don’t worry, we’ll work out the details with Viber for you.

As a result of all this, you get:A list with benefits of using Viber for business - greater reach, user engagement, more personal communication, user experience, growth in sales

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