About SEE’s largest ad network

You dream of a marketing campaign that will not fail, fantasize about creatives that actually drive results, or you have dark circles from trying to monetize your ad inventory, but still no success? Worry no more – ClickAttack is the perfect partner for digital marketing services that can make your dreams come true.

Today, ClickAttack is the largest mobile advertising network in SEE. Our international team consist of very different individuals who share the very same enthusiasm, ambition and love for mobile, which is exactly what makes us the best at what we do.

For us, each campaign is a unique challenge and an opportunity to create value. We are with you from the first contact, through campaign creation and implementation, until the popping of champagne to celebrate great results.

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Our mission is to meet the goals of each client. Whether it’s advertising on reputable inventory or monetizing quality content, we combine the best technology with good ol' fashioned imagination to deliver amazing results. We believe in ads with which people can interact, engage and show their affection to the brand.

We envision a web that is enhanced, not obtruded, by advertising. On such web, users see ads they actually want to see and interact with - ads that are fun, informative and relevant.

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