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How UNIQA Improved Customer Support and User Experience with a Chatbot

On 5th May 2021

This case study looks at how we, together with our partners at NTH, have helped UNIQA osiguranje reduce the workload on their Customer Support, improve user experience, and expand customer base using a custom-built chatbot.

About the client

UNIQA osiguranje Hrvatska is the Croatian subsidiary of UNIQA Group, one of the leading insurance companies in Austria, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. UNIQA has been operating successfully in Croatia for 21 years. To keep up with that trend, UNIQA decided to improve its digital presence and communication.

A unique solution to UNIQA’s problems

The two main challenges we needed to overcome:

  1. Reduce workload on Customer Support. Around 50-60% of the voice calls UNIQA’s Customer Support received were simple issues. These simple issues usually don’t require the services of a live agent, so UNIQA wanted us to find a more efficient way to solve them.
  2. Expand customer base by appealing to the younger audiences. We agreed that the best way to achieve this is to make better use of UNIQA’s digital channels.

To solve these problems, we’ve developed a chatbot for Viber, Facebook Messenger and UNIQA’s website.

A screenshot of UNIQA’s chatbot in Viber

Why a chatbot?

As reported by IBM, „Chatbots can help businesses save on customer service costs by speeding up response times, freeing up agents for more challenging work, and answering up to 80% of routine questions“.

It’s more convenient for users to solve simple tasks by texting with a chatbot than making a call to a live agent. According to Chatbots Magazine, „Business leaders say chatbots have increased their customer support satisfaction scores by 24%“.

With a chatbot available on messaging apps, customers can quickly check the status of their current and expired insurance policies, contact their sales advisor, and check the status of their claims any time and from any device that has internet access.

And the best part is that chatbots can be available on the most popular messaging apps, where they have a remarkably high open rate for broadcast messages compared to other channels (like email).

Features of UNIQA’s chatbot

The chatbot has the same features on all channels. Through it, users can:

  • get information on UNIQA’s products in one place
  • request and receive insurance offers
  • buy insurance policies online via the UNIQA’s webshop
  • report insurance claims

In case the user has a more complex problem to solve, we added an option for a live agent to take over communication.

See the interaction with the chatbot in the video below:

Chatbot promotion using Viber stickers

The promotion of the chatbot on Viber started with a Sticker campaign. Every Viber user who sent UNIQA’s personalized sticker automatically subscribed to their chatbot on Viber.

As a result, more than 54 000 people subscribed to the Chatbot in just a few days!

UNIQA’s Viber stickers. Source:

Conclusion – how our chatbot helped UNIQA:

  1. The problem of the Customer Support overload was solved. We designed the chatbot it to process simple issues (which made up more than half of all voice calls UNIQA’s Customer Support received). This saved UNIQA’s resources because Customer Support agents focused only on solving complex issues. With less workload, they were able to take better care of their customers.
  2. Overall customer experience improved and customer engagement increased. The Viber sticker campaign was especially efficient in helping UNIQA quickly grow to 54 000 subscribers in just a few days after launching. It worked especially well for attracting younger audiences.
  3. Increased message open rates. UNIQA uses the chatbot on Viber to send broadcast messages to its subscribers. More than 70% of their subscribers see the message within the first hour of receiving it.

“By handing over the simplest queries to the Chatbot, we were able to reduce the workload on our Customer Support and achieved more personalized communication with our customers using popular messaging platforms. Overall, ClickAttack helped us with our long-term goal of delivering the best possible experience to our existing and future clients.”

Luka Posedi
Head of digitalization and new technologies, UNIQA osiguranje Hrvatska

Interested in a similar solution for your company?

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