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If your Christmas mobile campaign isn't running yet, is it too late?

On 19th December 2012

Christmas mobile campaigns

Christmas has always been the time of year when people spend the most. This trend translated to mobile with ease. Most advertisers launched their mobile campaigns in time to take their share of the Christmas pie. What if you missed out this year and failed to get a mobile campaign started? If the holidays crept up on you and now it’s too late for a Christmas mobile campaign?

With ClickAttack, there is no “too late”

One of the most important features of mobile is speed. Not only in delivering your message to end users. We can create, set up and launch a mobile campaign in a day! We have the complete infrastructure and everything else needed to get your banners into hands of mobile users so fast, that you will be able to catch the Christmas spending wave and fill up your stocking with the best gift anyone can get these days (ca-ching!).

Why even advertise during Christmas?

Past years showed a significant increase in mobile searches for gifts during holiday season. Predictions for this year indicate that the number of searches will be higher than ever before. The reason behind an increase in spending during holidays can be found in human psyche. It is very simple: we feel happiness when we give gifts to other, even more than when we buy things for ourselves.

Start thinking about what will happen after Christmas!

Yes, yes, media is filled with predictions about the end of the world in two days. Really? We don’t think so. You might call us optimists. We think of ourselves as realists. And the reality is that there will be many smartphones and tablets wrapped in bows under the Christmas tree this year. This means many, many more mobile internet users after the holidays. And many more mobile users that will want to find you over mobile internet. That’s why the time to get mobile channels, web and app (if you don’t already have them), is now!

Give us a shout and we’ll have your mobile campaign running at the drop of a hat and develop mobile channels to start the next year the way it’s supposed to – mobile!

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