Mobile advertising: Advertisers

Deliver your ads straight into their hands

Staggering rise of smartphone penetration all over the world makes it easy to deliver your ads directly into hands of mobile users. ClickAttack enables you to show your ads on publishers’ mobile web pages and in mobile apps. And with the high CTR of mobile campaigns, going mobile will prove to be the best decision you ever made.

The most important benefits of working with ClickAttack:

higher efficiency of mobile ad campaigns

targeting end users with the utmost precision

tracking and measuring results in real time

marketing tools that are both creative and innovative

mobile campaigns over mobile web pages and apps

Know exactly who and when gets your ads

ClickAttack Targeting engine enables you specific targeting, thus creating highly efficient campaigns with a minimal cost. To increase conversion and campaign efficiency, you can use the following targeting parameters:

  • geolocation,
  • mobile operator,
  • mobile phone manufacturer,
  • operative system (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.),
  • channel (news, sport, fun…),
  • day of the week,
  • part of the day.

Mobile banners must land on mobile web

If not, you will most likely lose that user. If you still don’t have mobile channels, ClickAttack can develop your brand new:

  • mobile landing pages dedicated to your campaign,
  • mobile internet pages,
  • mobile applications and games,
  • Facebook applications and games.

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We’ve done campaigns for

  • Adria Nautica
  • Bavaria
  • Billa
  • Citroen
  • Coca Cola
  • logo_hypo
  • logo_iskon
  • logo_iskon
  • McDonalds
  • Nivea Sun
  • Tisak
  • TM vozila Peugot
  • Vip
  • Weekend