ClickAttack is the leading regional mobile advertising network that links advertisers, agencies, mobile publishers and developers, all in one place.

Advertisers and agencies get a direct connection to desired target groups through largest mobile publishers and developers. Publishers and developers get the opportunity to create profit through banner impressions from prominent advertisers and agencies. All that with the help of ClickAttack.

Along with mobile advertising, ClickAttack offers the service of developing mobile solutions for anyone that expresses the desire or the need to have mobile channels. Offering a wide range of mobile solutions, including mobile webpages, dedicated mobile landing pages, mobile applications and games to mobile banners of all sizes, ClickAttack ensures complete support.

ClickAttack mobile advertising network has its headquarters Switzerland. From there it started to expand to the rest of the Europe, starting with the CEE region. It was first launched on Croatian market and then expanded to Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania and Nigeria.

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