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Starting the new year of mobile advertising with a bang

On 9th January 2013

ClickAttack special offer

Everybody is talking about 2013 being the year of mobile advertising. We know it will be so and we are starting the year by fostering mobile advertising in the region.

Discount on all mobile campaigns

In order to stimulate our partners (present and future) to start off the year with mobile campaigns, we will give a 15% discount for all mobile campaigns booked by January 31st. This includes all types of banners.

HTML5 ads – the new kind of mobile ads

HTML5 ads are innovative ads that allow various interactive actions within a single screen and can be displayed on mobile webpages or in an app. HTML5 banner allows you to embed video, call to action, contact form and any other interactive element you want. And everything will happen within the ad itself.

If you want to know more details about the offer and banners or you want to order your campaign, give us a shout and we’ll give you all the info you may need.

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