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13 rules for efficient advertising campaigns on mobile channels

On 14th December 2012

Using our experience from countless mobile campaigns that ran over our network and results we have gathered, we have prepared a set of rules for creating efficient advertising campaigns. Granted, there are different types of campaigns and different mobile channels, but these are ground rules you should apply to have efficient advertising campaigns every time.

1. Start with a detailed market research

Before you start thinking about elements that will help you create an efficient advertising campaign, do a detailed market research. Check out your competition, see what is working for them. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

2. Make sure you know your target

Just as in every marketing channel, you must know who your target group is, what they want and like. Mobile, however, makes it easier to gather this data and enables the most precise targeting.

3. Keep it simple with a clear Call 2 Action

Make your message simple. The most efficient campaigns on mobile are the ones with a clear and short message. Create a funnel that will lead end users directly to the target and keep their focus on it.

Don’t beat around the bush, say clearly what you want your end users to do and put it where they won’t be able to miss it! This is especially important for mobile channels.

4. Link to mobile landing page instead of mobile homepage

This way you will be sure all necessary elements are easy to find and see and this will increase conversion. Include a registration form with minimum of required fields and automatic number recognition. If the desired action is a call from end users, use click to call button.

5. However, mobile site is a must

Mobile users are quite unforgiving when it comes to viewing web pages on mobile devices. If you didn’t take the time and effort to optimize your mobile web site so they can view it on their mobile devices, they will leave your webpage and almost half of them will never return.

6. Use responsive web design

Responsive web design is very user and cost effective. You mobile web page will be optimized for all types, models and sizes of devices, including tablets.

7. Optimize for mobile search

Even though mobile internet optimization isn’t quite clear yet, with no firm set of rules, there are some things that work and will help your website come up in searches on mobile internet. The most important rule is to register your business with local social directories and local searches.

8. Don’t forget to optimize your e-mail for mobile

make sure it is readable on mobile devices, include a clear C2A, keep subject line short, optimize design for mobile (keep it minimalistic), include links to mobile landing page

9. If you forget social, will the world end?

Probably not. But your campaign might! So include social into your campaign, as it is the most powerful mobile driver and will provide a viral effect for your campaign.

10. Contextual is the new black

Mobile allows you new ways of targeting users. Set up your campaign so that end users will get your message at the right moment: when they are in your vicinity or when they are in the mind set to execute the action you set for them.

11. Use retargeting

This means you will target end users based on their previous behaviour on mobile internet and use this information to deliver your campaign to those that will be interested the most. This way you will create a cost-efficient campaign.

12. Even banners need to be optimized

Don’t simply reuse your landline internet banners. Mobile devices are much smaller. You need to create mobile banners, keeping in mind size limitations of mobile devices.

13. Don’t forget feature phones

Even though there are 1 billion smartphone users, but with a population of 7 billion people, that still leaves a lot of mobile users that won’t be able to access your mobile internet campaign. Don’t worry, you can always get them using Premium SMS services.

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