Enterprise Solutions: Sales Portfolio

Key features:

  • Sales portfolio is accessible to sales personnel at all times and places
  • Central management of sales material
  • No cost of printed brochures or presentations

Your new sales wizard

With a B2B sales portfolio, you can create interactive sales material for a modern sales team. The complete portfolio enhanced with interactive document is contained in a single tablet app. Using it, every member of the team can access the most current information, special offers, product info with image and video galleries and so on.

Sales portfolio app doesn’t serve only as a demonstration tool. It can be used to check supplies, make orders and send parts of the app documents to customers via e-mail, right there during the meeting. That way, members of the team can react instantaneously to customers’ requests. They can also send most of required reports directly from the app right after the meeting.

Limit access to control the team

The app enables easy management of user accounts and their permissions. The amount of information each member of the team accesses can be controlled with ease. Even though the app was designed for internal usage, setting user permissions allows it to be shared with partners and other interested parties.

Sales portfolio app is downloaded using an internal link, installed on tablets and ready-to-go! With such a modern approach to the sales process all necessary costs (such as printing presentations) can be eliminated.

The app can be used without an internet connection. Once it is downloaded to a tablet, its content is available offline. When a new update is available, personnel is notified to tap the update button when in the reach of a WIFI and get the latest version.

The modern sales team

With the sales portfolio app increasing the efficiency of a sales team, limits can be pushed and breached! Contact us for more detailed information on prices and delivery dates.


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