Enterprise Solutions: Document management

Key features:

  • Centralized document management
  • Momentary distribution of documents to employees
  • Significant reduction of costs in operations and logistics
  • Full control with advanced user management and permission management

24/7 access to documents

When an enterprise works with a decentralised workforce, they need to find a way to instantaneously share current documents and in the same time keep control over them. Our solution allows 24/7 access to vital documents in PDF format with set permissions and restrictions (all depending on the level of the user).

Documents can also be organised into multilevel folders, as can users be organised into easy-to-manage units, matching the organization of the corporation.

Finally, all PDFs can be enriched with interactive elements (custom HTML5 interactive elements, images, videos, etc.)

A complete solution

In order to provide a complete, secure and high-end solution for mobile document sharing, this document management platform contains numerous features. These features are set in a web based CMS equipped with a studio for adding interactive, multimedia content.

All changes to documents are broadcast to users using push notifications. Statistics and analytics provide insight into user behaviour.

Optional features: OTA (over the air) print, document sharing, fill in forms, dedicated installation, custom integration with various DMS, maps integration, BI (business intelligence) and full customization.

Total security

With our document management platform, all your documents will be completely secure. End users will access documents using a branded tablet app. We can ensure short time-to-market, taking into account that we already possess a ready-made framework for this platform.


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