Enterprise Solutions: Digital Catalogue

Key features:

  • Higher sales results, more efficient catalogues
  • User tracking and behaviour analysis across the catalogue
  • Reduced costs of printing
  • Increasing the efficiency of catalogues and sales results

Enhance user experience and track their behaviour

A catalogue (in PDF format) enriched with interactive elements (images, video clips, 3D animations and so on) is much more appealing to end users and increases their engagement with the publication. Along with that, Digital catalogue for tablets is easily integrated with the existing web shop. That way, users can order directly from the catalogue. However, as a custom feature, web shop integration is implemented on demand.

The advantage of a digital publication is the possibility of tracking users’ activity in the catalogue app. You can use this information for future special offers and customized catalogue issues. Digital catalogue also supports real-time in-house ads with multiple targeting options.

Higher income, lower costs

Digital catalogue can be easily integrated with existing business processes. It is based on NTH’s JustPublish.it platform for digital publishing, where digital publishing made easy. The complete digital publication can be transformed from a static PDF to an interactive experience by anyone with basic computer skills.

With this new channel, you will reach new audience and create opportunity for gaining additional income. Digital publishing also enables cost reduction, eliminating the cost of printing, logistics and distribution.

The catalogue will be distributed to end users through a branded app downloaded from the app store.

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