Mobile solutions: Custom Solutions

If you need a mobile application that goes beyond our standard app features, we have an established process and resources to provide such an app for you.

Key features

Mobile app that fits all your requirements, unique and personalized

You will be a part of the app development process

After the app is launched, we will provide app upgrade service and advise you on how to improve the app based on the app-user interaction analysis

Your app, your requirements

Whether you need a business app for internal usage, mobile marketing app or a database driven app, we can develop it for all platforms and all business segments. A portfolio of over 500 delivered apps for different platforms gives us sufficient experience and knowledge, both of which we will put at your disposal to create a customized app fitted to your requirements.

All you need is the idea

We’ll handle the rest. You can count on our business consultants to advise you in the choice between numerous options and features. Once you have made your choice, we will create a storyboard and design for your approval.

What follows next is the app development with comprehensive testing. Once you are completely satisfied with the finished product, we will release the app to the App store, or deliver a download link in case of an internal app.

After that, we will continue to provide technical support, app upgrade service and app improvement suggestions based on the analysis of users interacting with the app.

If you want a completely unique and attractive app, we offer additional features like augmented reality, push notifications, news, image recognition, content management. These do cost a bit extra, but in the end you will get your money’s worth, as these additional features will increase end user loyalty and app success.