Consumer Solutions: Radio

Key features:

  • Radio stations available directly on mobile devices
  • More than one mobile station in a single app
  • Increased audience reach

It's all about the mobile user

ClickAttack possesses a ready-made mobile solution for radio stations and we can deliver a mobile web or iOS app in a matter of days.

The Radio app is very appealing to mobile users. They can record songs and radio programme from the live stream and then access their recordings to listen at their convenience. In order to make them easy to navigate, recorded clips are organized according to radio stations.

What else does this app do?

Radio stations are not the only thing we can include into your mobile webpage or iOS application. We can add video streaming as well. That way, you can add exclusive video clips and other video material which will create added value for your mobile users.

SMS messaging is yet another part of this mobile app. Users will be able to send text messages out of the app or from your mobile web. These sent messages will be shown in the Messages category of the app, along with messages from other app users.

The app contains a News category, and this is where you can offer your app users access to current news.

Finally, there is the reminder, integrated into the web and the app. The reminder can be set to notify users when their favourite radio show is about to start or to activate automated live stream recording.

Additional benefits

ClickAttack offers yet another benefit with the radio app. Its mobile ad inventory will be automatically included into the ClickAttack network and offered to network members. This will bring you additional income.

As we already said, ClickAttack possesses a ready-made solution for the radio segment, meaning we can have your mobile web or app delivered within days. Simply contact us for further details!


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