Consumer Solutions: News

Key features:

  • Expand your reach to all channels
  • Increase the number of visits
  • Create additional income by joining ClickAttack

News are highly popular on mobile

Those that still don’t have a mobile web or app for news segment are trailing behind the rest of the industry. However, there’s no need to despair. ClickAttack can have your mobile web and app up and running within days, thanks to our ready-made solution for the news segment.

Mobile saves the news?

Experiencing a significant drop in circulation of printed media, the industry has found a new channel towards end users – mobile! This new channel allows a completely new and innovative approach to end users with endless possibilities. And let’s not forget that the overwhelming penetration of smartphones presents the ideal platform for your content.

With a plethora of digital elements and features, such as interactivity, content sharing, integration with social networks, extensive video and image galleries, location-based traffic and weather info, mobile channel presents a world of opportunities. However, the biggest advantage is its mobility, i.e. the fact that mobile users can access your content anytime and anywhere!

Mobile within a week

ClickAttack will develop a mobile web page, iOS, Android and tablet app for you. Our predefined solutions for modular apps and mobile web allow us to deliver them to you in a matter of days. As a matter of fact, using your existing news web, we can get you mobile within a week.

And once you get your mobile channels, you will automatically become a part of ClickAttack network. We will include your mobile inventory into our offer and deliver ad campaigns to your mobile channels, creating additional income.

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