Consumer Solutions: Music festivals

Key features:

  • Vital info, such as schedule and line-up, in one place, available anytime
  • Visitors can participate using the iReporter feature
  • With additional content you can create an interactive festival experience

Hands-on, complete overview of the festival

With the music festival mobile app you can create a rich and unforgettable experience using interactive content. All information and news concerning the event will be available through a single app. Along with the content, the app will provide many useful tools.

Firstly, there is the interactive map with a complete overview of all festival POIs (Points of interest), enriched with descriptions, photos and other relevant info.

Then there is the full schedule and line-up info, so visitors can plan their festival activities. Finally, you can deliver all news and updates to visitors and include feeds from social network accounts so visitors will be informed of what’s going on at all times. They can also login to their social profiles from the app to share their media and updates.

Find my friends

If visitors want to locate their friends on the map, they can use the Find-my-friends feature. It is easy to get lost in the masses, so this feature may be very useful to all app users.

To plan the festival experience, app users can use My schedule. Once created, the schedule can be shared with friends on social networks.

The iReporter feature increases engagement of festival visitors. It allows them to send their photos and video clips to be published in the app.

Push updates to all users

If you have some important news and updates, you can notify all app users using push messages. The initial content itself is quite easy to publish. We can retrieve data from your existing web over RSS feeds using CMS/data integration. Or we can provide a dedicated CMS where you will publish your content yourself.

With your fully branded festival mobile app, your users will be able to enjoy the festival without distractions.


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