Consumer Solutions: Digital Press

Key features:

  • Deliver publications into hands of tablet users simply and accessibly
  • Turn newspapers and magazines into a digital experience
  • New income channel (subscriptions and additional ad space)

Era of digital publishing is already here

Digital versions of newspapers and magazines are a necessity for survival on the media market. Mobile is not the future, it is now! So if you haven’t optimized your web for mobile yet, there is no time to waste.

We will develop a branded iPad app so you can deliver your digital content to your end users. Users will download the app from the app store and start experiencing your publication in a completely new way.

Click to publish

Turning your bleak publication into an enhanced, interactive one is made easy by Digital Press service based on NTH’s platform. All you have to do is take your publication in PDF format, import it into the web based CMS and add interactive elements (HTML5 interactive elements, widgets, image and video galleries, opt-in forms, external links, etc.).

This new, digital version will unify the familiar look of a printed issue and interactive elements previously available only on internet pages. When your publication is enriched and done, you simply click to publish it. The issue automatically becomes available to tablet users with your app. You can make your publication available for download at a price you set.

Even more profit

You can create an archive of past issues and offer it to your app users, thus creating additional profit. You will also create new ad inventory, which you can offer to ad agencies and advertisers.

ClickAttack will fully support you on your way to mobile with consultation and this ready-made mobile solution.



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