Consumer Solutions: Classifieds

Key features:

  • Ready-made solution available within days
  • Classifieds on mobile increase user proximity and loyalty
  • Click-to-call option delivers higher CTR

Keep up with user demands

Even though the number of mobile searches for classifieds continually grows (, classified ad services are failing to take advantage of the trend.

Be among the first in your region to offer mobile access to classifieds. This will open a new revenue stream and increase user proximity.

Higher user loyalty

Our ready-made solution for classifieds enables us to deliver a branded app within days. This way you won’t have to wait long to start delivering your ads to an ever-growing number of mobile users.

Along with the mobile app, we can have your classifieds delivered to mobile users over a mobile web page. This can be done through a quick and effortless integration with your exiting web.

Using the app, mobile users will be able to explore your ads whenever and wherever they want. This will significantly increase user loyalty and open a new revenue stream.


Click-to-call option is one of the features that facilitates higher CTR rate in mobile classifieds. Mobile users can simply tap on the phone number to initiate a call. With this complete mobility, you will increase the number of return users.

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