Consumer Solutions: Car showrooms

Key features:

  • Branded and customized to match the look and feel of your brand
  • Keep your end users informed about latest car models, events and special promotions
  • The app will track service history and send maintenance reminders

Perfect tablet app for all car lovers

With the car showroom app you will be able to increase the frequency of service visits, brand recognition and customer retention. Various user-oriented features in the app make it a sourcing pipeline of existing and new customers.

The app makes it easy to track vehicle maintenance history and schedule car services. It will assist them by sending notifications to inform them about due service.

App users will also be able to browse through new and used vehicle offers (specs, images, videos) and locate a nearby car dealership with contact info. The Drive-me-to-garage navigation feature with geolocation, postcode and map with augmented reality will guide them to the garage of choice.

Real-life experience

With the car configurator, app users will be able to select desired car equipment to calculate the final model price. 360° view allows them to check the car from all sides. They can also change the colour of the car. Once app users create their ideal car, they can share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn or send it via e-mail.

Push notifications provide the possibility of keeping your end users engaged with the app. Users can enter preselected car criteria. When a model matching those criteria appears in the app, they will receive a notification via push notification. They can also create a watch list or a list of favourite models, and get a notification when a model on their list changes status.

Effortless integration

The app content will be uploaded directly from your web or database and we can have it live in no time.


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