Mobile advertising: Agencies

With the most precise targeting, your ads will always hit the mark

The best way to provide highly effective campaigns to your clients is to use direct communication with end users and precise targeting. This will also significantly reduce marketing waste. And you will be able to provide a complete service to your clients!

Advantages of joining ClickAttack

CTR higher several times over than standard web advertising

ClickAttack Targeting Engine – reduce marketing waste significantly using precise targeting

custom campaigns

managing multiple clients with a single account

marketing tools that are both creative and innovative

mobile campaigns over mobile web pages and apps

New targeting options

ClickAttack enables you to minimize marketing waste by targeting and distributing marketing campaigns with a set of advanced targeting parameters:

  • geolocation,
  • mobile operator,
  • mobile phone manufacturer,
  • operative system (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc.),
  • channel (news, sport, fun…),
  • day of the week,
  • part of the day.

Using ClickAttack Targeting Engine you will increase the CTR of each campaign.

Giving your clients exactly what they want

Create customized campaigns for your clients using:

  • mobile landing pages dedicated to your campaign,
  • mobile internet pages,
  • mobile applications and games,
  • Facebook applications and games.

ClickAttack can develop all of these for you!

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We’ve done campaigns for

  • Adria Nautica
  • Bavaria
  • Billa
  • Citroen
  • Coca Cola
  • logo_hypo
  • logo_iskon
  • logo_iskon
  • McDonalds
  • Nivea Sun
  • Tisak
  • TM vozila Peugot
  • Vip
  • Weekend