Lider for tablet users with platform for digital publishing

Lider, a well renowned business newsweekly that brings the most relevant information from the field of business, social and political events, is now available as a digital issue.

Lider tablet application is created using our digital publishing platform. Thanks to the intuitive concept is based on, Lider Press simply and quickly turned their existing print issue into an interactive digital experience that offers a wealth of content, interactive and multimedia elements to tablet users. is our do-it-yourself publishing platform that enables publishers to turn any PDF preprint into an interactive publication available to all tablet users. enables the creation of a digital issue that combines the look of a printed issue with possibilities of an online issue: image and video galleries, links to additional content on the web and other interactive elements.

Lider tablet app is available through the Apple AppStore. Mobile users can download it for free and install it to their tablet device. Upon the installation, they can buy any digital issue of Lider and read it on their tablet devices whenever and wherever they want.

By opening a mobile channel Lider has, in cooperation with ClickAttack, created a new revenue stream. Firstly, the digital issue brings forth new, additional ad space Lider can offer to advertisers. Second revenue stream is achieved through creating a past issues’ archive, which tablet users can buy at a previously set price.

Download the app in the AppleApp store.