Click Fraud: Coming Soon to an Advertiser Near You

Let’s say you run a bike tour company who’s just hired Google to place ads on relevant mobile websites, as determined by keywords. One of the sites that your ad appears on appears to be a flight search aggregator.

Best way to integrate mobile payment into mobile campaigns

Even though mobile advertising has mostly been used for generating in-market presence, brand awareness and site traffic increase, the integration of mobile payment directly into mobile campaigns is a rising trend.

Viral mobile campaign recipe

Many may think viral mobile campaigns happen by themselves. They don’t. There’s a lot of hard work and planning involved, and even that won’t guarantee success.

11 rules for mobile e-mail campaigns

The final blog in the SMS and e-mail in mobile marketing series reveals how to optimize your e-mail campaigns for mobile users. This blog will give you an overview of the rules you should follow to ensure the highest response possible.

How to use SMS in today’s mobile advertising

In symbiosis with the all-powerful CRM, text messaging is revealing its retargeting potency. This week we’ll focus on the specific examples of applying SMS in customer retention and loyalty. in Zagreb for the first time

Netokracija, Croatian’s most popular IT magazine, has organized this first “truly regional e-commerce conference” with the most prominent regional speakers.